This game challenges your business abilities in the theater industry

This game is a chance for you to become a cinema mogul. You will have to manage your cinema, and to do so you will have to be careful with your cash - because you will have to invest in several areas beginning from the movies you will show, the food you will offer your clients (popcorn, hamburgers, ice cream, lemonade, coffee, chocolate bars). Not to forget the marketing and advertising efforts you will have to exhibit, so that you can have profits. You will also have to hire your employees (cashiers, projectionists, cleaners, security staff, snack bar waiters and snack bar managers), and you will have to instruct them - this will cost you much more, but you will have better service. You will have to set the price for your tickets as well, and decide when and in which theater you will exhibit the movies you have rented. Think carefully, so that you can make your cinema business grow.

When your stock is used up, you have to refill it with your correspondent suppliers. It´s important that you are constantly aware of the number of visitors in your theaters, to have an idea of your profits and in which area you need some improvement. You can play the game at Easy, Medium or Hard level of difficulty. The game itself is very simple to play, because all you will need is your mouse. The main tools are shown in the base of the screen, and you can additionally use the F1 key to speed things up a bit temporarily.

Ulises Goytortua
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  • Good graphics
  • Great business story
  • Challenging, strategic and fun


  • Monotonous after a while
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